Bankruptcy Law & Collections or Evictions

Martie Clark, St. Charles County Attorney

BankruptcyIf you are late on payments, worried about foreclosure, or facing an eviction then you may be considering using a bankruptcy attorney.  Bankruptcy Law gives you rights to be able to retain your property and can stop the phone calls and demands of your creditors.  Even if you are not to the point of filing  Bankruptcy, you may need advice on how to proceed if you have been served a summons for a credit card debt or notice of eviction.

Mrs. Clark is happy to answer your questions and provide you guidance on how you should proceed.  Sometimes Bankruptcy is not the answer, other times it may be the answer you didn’t know was an option.  In the current economy and because of the increased amount of unemployment it is harder to make ends meet.  Mrs. Clark can provide you realistic solutions and will give you the attention your case deserves.