Family Law or Domestic Law

Martie Clark, St. Charles County Attorney

Divisions of Marital Property, Paternity, Child Support, Custody & Visitation, Divorce, Ex-Parte

FamilyIf you are looking for a Family Law Attorney or Domestic Law Attorney in Missouri you may not know that Family Law encompasses a large body of law including issues involving Divorce or Dissolution, Modification, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Annulment, Paternity, Guardianships, Ex-parte, and Order of Protection  Cases.

The Law Office of Martha M. Clark handles all matters involved with family law.  If you are in a situation that requires a family law attorney you may find yourself scared, confused, or even angry.  These are normal reactions when you are in the Missouri Family Courts.  You need an attorney that can explain the process to you clearly, and advocate on your behalf with a detailed knowledge of your case and the law that applies to it.  Mrs. Clark is a lawyer who will provide you honest answers to protect yourself, your assets, or your children.